Services Offered

We offer services for all your e-Commerce needs

We help brands be more competitive by delivering bespoke eCommerce Solutions through best-in-class Development, combined with Digital Strategy, Creative and Solution Design, System Integrations, Consulting and Managed Services all over Africa.


We offer custom development using the latest leading technology. Our team specialises in delivering bespoke solutions to suit the business need and scale while leveraging the architecture and out-of-the-box functionality that these products provide. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we can provide the best tech and expertise.

  • Development

    Website Development

    We specialise in designing, developing and delivering customized websites to suit your business need and scale.

  • Development

    Digital Commerce Solutions

    We create eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C brands. We encourage the use of agile, fast, and flexible-headless eCommerce options for our clients.

  • Development

    Systems Integration

    At Vectra, we have years of experience in integrating the world’s leading business systems, gateways and ERPs.

  • Development

    Custom Feature Development

    We understand that your business has unique needs. We create custom modules and plugins to add valuable features to your bespoke eCommerce solution.

  • Development

    Cybersecurity Solutions

    We ensure user and website data is kept safe with encryption, zero-knowledge security and POPI compliance.

  • Development

    Technical Maintenance & Support

    Our team is available to monitor and maintain your website through upgrades, bug fixes and emergency technical assistance.

  • Development

    Content Management

    We are able to implement content management services for your website, allowing you to create, edit and publish your own content as needed.

Design & Content Creation

We design interfaces, assets and content of a high standard to help you engage users and generate conversions. Our creative team is armed with the latest trends and industry best-practises.

  • Design & Content Creation

    UX/UI Design & Development

    Our team creates compelling digital experiences to help your business succeed. The team designs unique and effective user interfaces by aligning visual design, user experience, and business requirements.

  • Design & Content Creation

    Branding & Graphic Design

    Our designers can produce high-quality digital assets for your website, digital platforms and marketing channels.

  • Design & Content Creation

    Copywriting & Editing

    We are able to write and edit bodies of text to suit your digital needs — including blog articles, website descriptions, social media content and SEO copy.

Marketing & Consumer Reach

Our marketing services are tailored to help extend the reach of your brand and draw in customers. We can help you optimise and maintain your brand identity, communications, advertising and SEO.

  • Marketing

    CRM & Email Marketing

    Segment email lists, create engaging content, and analyse results for effective customer engagement and retention.

  • Marketing

    Social Media Management & Advertising

    Create content calendar, produce posts, and manage interactions for impactful social media campaigns and advertising.

  • Marketing

    Campaign Strategy & Management

    Get actionable steps and implementation help for brand identity and marketing campaigns.

  • Marketing

    SEO & Search Marketing

    Optimise website for search engines and develop comprehensive campaign strategies to engage target audiences.

  • Marketing

    Paid Advertising & PPC Management

    Create and manage effective paid advertising campaigns, including PPC, to engage your target audience and optimise your website for search engines.

  • Marketing

    Marketing Automation

    Vectra offers Marketing Automation services to streamline and automate repetitive marketing tasks, allowing businesses to focus on more strategic activities, and improve lead generation and customer engagement.

Performance Management

With the correct tracking, reporting and testing in place, we help you to monitor and improve on the performance of your digital environment. Gain accurate customer insights, identify and track KPIs relevant to your business, and make informed decisions with our performance management services.

  • Performance Management

    Data Insights & Reporting

    Gain a competitive edge with Vectra's Data Insights & Reporting service, offering powerful analytics and tracking capabilities to drive business growth and improve performance.

  • Performance Management

    Quality Assurance & Testing

    We provide end-to-end Quality Assurance and Testing services, including functional and non-functional testing, to ensure defect-free software applications with optimal performance.

  • Performance Management

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services employ data-driven strategies and methodologies to improve website or app performance and increase customer conversions.