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Web-based applications, and why you should love them

Recently I have got the opportunity to learn more about how to develop and deploy web-based applications and I must say that I am quite impressed!

What is a web-based application?

A web-based application is when the application uses a website as the front-end or the interface. Meaning users can access the application through the internet and a web browser like Firefox or Chrome, for my sanity the existence of Internet Explorer and Edge shall be ignored. Desktop applications, also known as local applications, are installed on a local computer. These are things like Word, Calendar, and VLC Media Player. In contrast, you get Google Docs, Google Calendar or streaming services like Netflix. Each of these does the exact same thing as their counterpart, except it is all done and stored in the cloud instead of on your computer. This means that it is a web-based application. Almost any desktop application can become a web-based application with enough time, effort and talent.!

Advantages of Web-Applications

There are numerous advantages to web-apps, and I will go into some of them below.

A better user experience

It is a lot easier and more cost-effective to build a web-app and make it compatible across multiple devices and platforms.

Easier Distribution

There is no need for every user to install the application on their computer. They just need to open their web browser and navigate to the correct website, and they have instant access to the application.

Worldwide Access

The application can be accessed from anywhere in the world! As long as there is internet connectivity. This opens a wide range of options for businesses. No longer is it necessary for employees to be confined to the office. They can work from home, a client’s office, and even the beach!

Hassle free updates

Gone are the days where issues crop up because an employee is using outdated software. Just update the main application files server side and boom! All employees have the most up to date version of the application! This also removes the need for IT-teams to constantly update the software manually. Leaving them with more time for the important things, like developing the next Facebook, or like my colleague Billy, look out for great deals online.

Freeing up resources

No longer will your computer’s resources be used up needlessly! There will be more storage and computation power for other tasks, thus you can be more efficient overall.


In conclusion, web applications are:

  • Easier to develop,
  • Easier to install and maintain,
  • More user-friendly,
  • And just so cool!

What are you waiting for? If you don’t already have a web application for your business, you should!

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