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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Landscape Management and Monitoring.

SAP Solution Manager Services

With Solution Manager from SAP you can align your business and IT on one business process landscape and drive the “business of IT” from a common understanding of business value, business models, operating models with an integrated platform. SAP Solution Manager is a modern and integrated platform, managing the “business of IT” with four key value chains.
Portfolio to Project (P2P)

Portfolio to Project (P2P) to drive the portfolio of projects and balance business initiatives and their business value against IT capacity, skills and timelines. This provides the strategy to balance and broker a customer’s portfolio, and gives a unified viewpoint across Program Management Office (PMO), enterprise architecture, and service portfolio. Data quality for decision-making is improved, and KPIs and roadmaps are available to improve business communication.

Request to Fulfill (R2F)

Request to Fulfill (R2F) to catalog, request and fulfill services. This helps IT organizations transition to a service broker model, with a single catalog with items from multiple supplier catalogs. The process efficiently manages subscriptions and total cost of services, and manages and measures fulfillments across multiple suppliers.

Detect to Correct (D2C)

Detect to Correct (D2C) to anticipate and resolve production problems. This brings together IT service operations to enhance results and efficiency, enabling end-to-end visibility using a shared configuration model. Issues are identified before they affect users, with reduced mean time to repair.

Requirement to Deploy (R2D)

Requirement to Deploy (R2D) to build what the business needs, when it needs it with measured business outcome. This provides a framework for creating, modifying, or sourcing services, for support of agile and traditional development methodologies. Visibility of the quality, utility, schedule, and cost of the services SAP customers deliver is improved with continuous integration and deployment control points.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides unprecedented support for your business’ digital transformation journey, offering support for the complete lifecycle of SAP S/4HANA as well as SAP HANA. It provides a completely new way to model and manage business processes, and comes with predefined SAP S/4HANA content. Because cloud offerings are a reality in most customers’ solutions today, all capabilities of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can be extended to integrate with cloud solutions seamlessly, thus catering to the customer need to manage hybrid solutions. Finally, the customer-centric improvements of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 result in a much-improved user experience.

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